I Made Custom Hard Candy From Scratch

HELLO FRIENDS!! Thank you so much to all who entered the hard candy giveaway – the entry form is now closed & we will be contacting the winners in the coming weeks!

A big thank you to Greg & the team at Lofty Pursuits for helping us out with this video; make sure to check out their YouTube channel here! https://www.youtube.com/c/LoftyPursuits

Over the past few (years, honestly), I’ve watched other people make custom hard candy from scratch – oddly satisfying pulling, stretching, rolling, and chopping – with adorably tiny results. So, after a lot of watching from the sidelines, I decided that I needed to try this out for myself – how hard could it actually be? So I ventured to Lofty Pursuits candy store in Tallahassee, FL where Greg & the team taught me how to sling candy – old school style. We made custom flavored drop candy in a press, and two different batches of image candy – one watermelon, and one tiny disgruntled alien. What do you guys think of our final candies?

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