We Made SUPER SOUR Hard Candy!

🍬 Get your super sour hard candy here!
Super Sour Hard Candy
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🕒 Timestamps
00:00 intro
0:47 making the batch
3:00 mixing
4:19 the pour
5:06 adding the ingredients
7:52 pulling on the hook
11:37 pulling out the candy!
19:03 words with terry!
21:24 steve takes over!
23:49 taste test!
25:43 packing the hard candy!
Cooper’s brain baby came to life! This is definitely going to be a big hit! We all highly recommends you try it!
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💑 About Hercules Candy
Hercules Candy has been on Steve’s side of the family since 1910(ish). When he took over in the 70’s, he anticipated after 10 years of hard work, he could move the business out of the basement and into a real storefront. Unfortunately, it took until 2018 for that to happen, but hey at least it happened! Steve and Terry own the shop, Craig (the social media manager) is their son, Cara (wrapper and shipper extraordinaire who is poised to take over the shop one day) is their daughter and Leah (who doesn’t love being on camera and is very elusive) is their oldest daughter. Karen has been working for Hercules Candy since the twins (Craig and Cara) were about 6 months old and everybody else is a new recruit. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the 🔔 for more videos!
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